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data-driven prospecting & lead generation platform for sales

Find actionable account insights and identify the most valuable sales prospects for your business from a database of +70 million companies enriched with open, public and predictive data.

What is VAINU?

Vainu is the category-defining solution for prospecting and lead generation that uses intelligent data collection from millions of open and public data sources to identify prospecting signals. With Vainu you find and analyze the best leads out of over 70 million companies in the database and know when is the right time to contact them. Vainu knows how your customers are doing and notifies you whenever there’s a chance to upsell. It's more than big data analytics, lead generation or sales intelligence.

You save time and sell more with a better hit rate.

How does it benefit you?

More sales to b2b team

More sales to B2B Sales teams

Vainu is a B2B salesperson’s best friend. The tool will help you find the most interesting sales prospects and tell you the right time to contact them. Do you need to find all retailers within a 120km radius of your main storage facilities selling peanuts? No matter to whom or what your selling, Vainu will find you the targeted leads you need in the blink of an eye.

Leads for marketing

hot leads for Marketing

Are you sick and tired of giving your sales teams bad leads? Don't waste your time with cold lists that lead to no sales results. Vainu will help you focus your marketing efforts to the companies most likely to buy and brings sizzling hot leads that you're happy to distribute to your sales stars.

Public sector

Perfect fit for Public sector

Even the public sector can't live without Vainu. Government and non-profit organizations have to follow the different industries and local companies they need to know everything about. Identify growth companies, analyze digital readiness and research which companies are attempting to expand to foreign markets.

Idea for a department

Not your department?

Not sure if it fits you? Don't hesitate to ask us how Vainu could help you find the organizations that need your services right now.


6 Current databases
  • United States
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • The Netherlands
3 Upcoming databases
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Australia
35k+ Daily leads
1000+ Customers


Vainu integrates to Linkedin, Slack, Gmail and common CRMs. Through our open API, Vainu can easily be hooked up to any other software you’re using.

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