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Do not waste time prospecting bad leads.
Do not lose money forgetting good leads.

Without CRM data, you’ll have to prospect through cases already handled by others, or those already closed. Not to mention the previously lost deals that might now have new doors open, but are only collecting cobwebs in the dusty corners of your CRM. With Vainu's two-way CRM integration you can finally start capitalizing on your CRM data in prospecting.

Better prospects, faster

With Vainu’s CRM filters you'll be able to combine company information from open and public data with the data from your CRM. This means you can both include and exclude companies when prospecting based on:
  • their existence in the CRM system
  • their individual owners
  • date of latest activity
  • number of  open, lost, or won deals

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CRM with up to date data serves you better

CRM and marketing automation systems are only as good as the data that's in them. Knowing 30% of your data becomes stale each year, you need a solution to keep it reliable and up-to-date. By integrating Vainu with your systems through either our native integration, Vainu API or through Zapier, you can rest assured the company data in your CRM and marketing automation systems are up-to-date.

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