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Get an instant overview of your prospects and customers with Vainu Analyzer.

Start finding actionable insights out of your ideal prospects and your best customers now!

To make it easier to decipher all the company data in the world, we've launched Vainu Analyzer - a tool that helps you analyze and visualize any given target group in Vainu, getting an instant overview for example of your prospects and customers.

Here are some ways in which you can use the new feature:

  • Analyze all your customers and see their spread over different locations, revenue categories, employee counts etc.

  • Check out which industries are recruiting certain types of professionals, making new investments, using certain technologies etc.

  • Identify new, "not-so-obvious" potential customers by gaining new insights from your current customers or prospect lists

  • Understand the firmographics, the business ecosystem and current trends surrounding a specific geographical region

For more information about Vainu Analyzer, Vainu's co-founder Mikko Honkanen's has written a blog about the new feature.